Can Ducks Eat Carrots?

Yes, you can feed carrots to your ducks. However, since carrots are color rich, you might get surprised to see that the poops of your ducks would look colorful. This alteration in the odor and color of their poops is only normal because carrots are colorful and high in water. But when you stop providing … Read more

Do Pekin Ducks Fly?

After a few months of indecision, my best friend decided to buy Pekin ducks to raise for their meat. However, before buying, he asked me whether Pekin ducks could fly. I told him categorically that Pekin ducks are incapable of flying. He raised this question because he didn’t want his flocks to be flying off … Read more

Can You Eat Muscovy Ducks?

You might have seen a Muscovy duck and noticed the remarkable similarity between this duck and turkeys. You might also have asked whether Muscovy ducks have excellent and tasty meat. Well, Muscovy ducks have great meat, and eating them is safe. Besides, they got enough protein in their meat. Their meat, however, doesn’t carry much … Read more

Can Ducks Eat Tomatoes?

If you spend time figuring out if you can feed your ducks with tomatoes, for example, don’t you worry for they can eat tomatoes? Tomatoes are not like avocadoes and other food that are okay for humans but toxic to ducks. You can feed your ducks different varieties of tomatoes; they can safely consume them … Read more

Why Are Duck Eggs Not Sold in Stores?

Duck egg farming.

Have you ever wondered why grocery stores do not sell duck eggs? I guess you do, for most of the eggs you’ll see in the grocery stores are chicken eggs. But why don’t they sell duck eggs? Is it because consumers think of duck eggs as unhealthy? Or is it because consumers are used to … Read more

Can Ducks Eat Chicken Feed?

A couple of years ago, my best friend gifted me five pairs of ducks, saying: “I want you to jumpstart your duck-raising career!” I was taken aback, not knowing what food to give those cute ducks. I had a chicken coop then, so I thought: “Maybe I could feed these ducks with chicken feeds.” I did feed … Read more

Best Ducks for Backyard

A well-planned backyard farm can help you achieve a more secure and self-reliant lifestyle. Such a small farm can supply you with the needed meat, fruits, and vegetables for daily consumption. However, building a small farm takes years, effort, and time. But if you have a definite farm plan and follow through with that plan, … Read more

Are Duck Eggs Good to Eat?

Have you ever eaten duck eggs? If you do, you might say it tastes no different from chicken eggs, especially if you don’t have picky taste buds. Yet, if you have delicate taste buds, you might say that duck eggs come with a slightly sharp taste. This extra flavor comes from the higher fat content … Read more

Advantages & Disadvantages of Duck Farming

You must be a very fortunate guy if you have hundreds of ducks on your small farm. This is because you are close to becoming self-sufficient in your food production. After all, you can have duck meat and eggs anytime. Besides, you can hedge your household against unforeseen food crises if you have a buffer … Read more

What Do Ducks Eat?

Feeding ducks in the backyard farm.

If you’re a pet lover, you would love ducks because they are social and playful birds. Like dogs, they develop an unbreakable bond with their keepers. You can talk, sing, and provide them with their favorite treats and toys. But if it is your first-time keeping ducks, you might be at a loss regarding what … Read more