About Us

Hi, I’m Ethan Wright. I have been living in the country are for more than ten years since I decided to move to a rural area from the busy urban.

Homesteading, gardening, growing fruits/vegetables, raising livestock animals on the farm, and getting involved in various farmhouses and farming activities are what I love to do every day.

I started my farm living journey from homesteading and gardening on a smaller scale initially. And I’m now beginning to switch my focus to farming, such as growing vegetables and raising poultry that would enough to supply to our local markets in the rural area while enjoying the relaxing country lifestyle.

Based on my experience, everything has to be started small before expanding it to a larger scale. You have to learn every detail in farming by experience. As any unseen problem in farming would be enough effects and even jeopardizes your harvest, and all your hard work will down in the drain. Thus, that’s the major reason why I decided to start this farm living site to share all every little and the biggest things that I had learned along in my farming journey.

Besides that, I also enjoyed the leisure moments I have spent on the farm-related and other outdoor hobbies with my family and friends.