Advantages & Disadvantages of Keeping Chickens

Feeding chicken in the backyard.

Many individuals like rearing chickens as a pleasure. If you intend to raise chickens, there are a few things you should know about. Even though there are several benefits to rearing chickens, there are some drawbacks as well. In order to be successful in this endeavor, you must first have a thorough understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of poultry farming.

Meat from the poultry family, such as chicken, is a popular choice for many people. Eggs are also becoming more popular. When considering the advantages and disadvantages of keeping chickens, it is clear that it must strike a precise balance between the need for profitability and sufficient food supplies or the need to treat these chickens humanely over their whole life spans.

Advantages of Keeping Chickens

The advantages of raising chickens are many and much transcend than the simple pleasure of having fresh eggs in the morning day after day. In addition to improving the healthiness of your garden, they may also enhance the quality of your soil and grass, as well as your own psychological wellbeing. You may keep them as pets since they are amazing tiny creatures full of love and compassion. Their faultless and practically free pest control is even more impressive; all that is required is the investment of the chicken itself.

Organic Eggs 

If you’re a health-conscious eater, you’ve probably heard a lot about the concerns of store-bought eggs and pesticides in particular. You may even have heard about specific egg controversies in the headlines, such as the global Fipronil contamination, which occurred in 2017. To prevent being victimized by such situations in the future, it is highly recommended that you establish a reliable source of fresh, organic eggs.


I’m curious about what the chickens do with all of the food scraps they ingest. Your garden will benefit from their nutrient-dense fertilizer. Most people in the United States buy chickens excrement for their gardening, either directly from poultry farms or through farm and garden shops.

 It’s not always possible to just apply fresh chicken manure to a crop since it’s too “hot”—that is, it produces excessively nitrogen, which would “burn” your plants—but in most circumstances, it is. If you’re looking to improve the nutritional content of your garden compost pile or dump, you may start adding chicken excrement.

My own personal experience has said that you may use a bit of layer of fresh chicken manure on the garden’s walking paths here between rows. It takes a bit of time and rain for the nutrients to move from the soil into the rows of the plants. I’ve had incredible luck with this procedure, but it’s vital not to overdo it with the components.

Getting Involved in Sustainable Living Is a Good Opportunity

When thinking about methods to live an environmental-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, keeping chickens is a terrific opportunity to start slowly and gradually transition into an even more sustainable one. Spending much time outdoors will be recommended by this undertaking. Thus it acts as a starting step toward ensuring that you know where your food originates from, and composting and gardening benefit from having chickens. Considering chickens have a lower carbon footprint, deciding to keep chickens may benefit your environmental garden as well as your wallet. Aside from a lower carbon footprint, keeping hens may help you save money on groceries by eliminating the need to make many journeys to buy chicken and eggs at the market.

Extra Income

Even if you just keep a few chickens, you’ll always have an abundance of eggs. It’s a good method to make additional money if your flock is big enough. You may sell them to your neighborhood or at a local farmers market, depending on your location. Raising hens for meat might increase your earnings even more. It is possible to sell the eggs after they have finished laying.

Get The Kids Outdoors By Using This Activity

Introducing your family to poultry farming is a terrific way to get them involved in a worthwhile endeavor. Raising chickens is amongst the most effective methods of doing this. Even though these animals need little care, they may serve as a useful training tool for instilling a sense of personal responsibility in children and teenagers. Tasks such as egg gathering in the morning and frequent cleaning of the chicken coop were available for children to engage in. It’s a great way for your family to get to know one other while taking care of the chickens.

The Pet Of The Family

You may release it when you embrace someone you care about, even if it’s only your cat or dog. It has been shown to reduce the stress hormone in your body. Chickens are no exception. Several chicken keepers have a deep affection for their flocks, and it’s not only because they provide delicious meat and eggs. In their caretakers’ homes, chickens may establish a genuine, loyal connection, rushing them in to meet them in the morning feeding times, climbing up onto your lap for petting or caresses, and trailing you about the yard or garden with a soft cluck. As with dogs and cats, a few chickens are trained to be therapeutic animals.

The Disadvantages of Having Chickens

Start-Up Capital Is Required To Get The Project Up And Running

Getting into substantial poultry farming will require a considerable investment of time and money to get off the ground. A substantial amount of money is necessary in order to fund several activities on your farm. These include the development of poultry houses, the purchase of chicks, the employment of labor, and the registration of the necessary documents for this sort of activity. You’ll also have to factor in extra processing fees before you can even think about selling your first chickens or chicken meat. Fortunately, you can start with a small family operation and scale up to something much larger if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

For example, keeping chickens in your property has its own set of expenditures, which may account for the disparity. A single chicken might cost anywhere between $3 and $30. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have to give the same chicken with a suitable coop to accommodate its wants. According to the number of birds you want to have and the other functionality you wish to incorporate, this may cost anywhere between $500 and $1000. It doesn’t end there. You’ll also have to invest at least $15 a month on feeds for 3 to 6 hens. Using these calculations, you may estimate how much money you’ll need to establish your own chicken coop before you buy your first hens.

Chickens Need Your Engagement On A Daily Basis

Even while chickens aren’t among the most time-consuming animals, they nonetheless need a lot of attention and effort every single day of the year. Feeding and watering your chickens everyday morning, letting them out, and collecting eggs are all things you’ll have to do to care for them. Every evening, they need attention, including being locked up in the coop and checked for eggs again. It is necessary to clear out the coop and monitor the chickens for wounds and pests every week. Chicken care is comparable to feline maintenance in terms of time investment. If you’re a highly busy person who can’t accommodate it into your schedule, they’re probably not the best choice for you!

Poultry Diseases Pose A Serious Risk To Your Entire Flock

You don’t have control over chicken diseases until the hens are under your supervision, despite being pretty straightforward to handle. In this way, if you follow the proper procedure, you would be in a position to solve and eradicate such problems.

Chickens’ health has been connected to a wide range of concerns throughout the years. They may, however, be resolved by merely boosting their nutrition your time as a chicken keeper, your birds may get coccidiosis and fowlpox, cholera, and Newcastle diseases, which are all diseases that can happen to your hens. If you discover the best solution to solve these problems, you may save your hens in the long term.

To maintain them healthy and disease-resistant, you should constantly be inclined to give them the appropriate nutrient content in their food. To be honest, this is the only approach to effectively manage the most common health concerns that your birds may have. As a poultry farmer, you will not suffer from this problem if you do it on a regular basis and correctly.

Risks Of The Deadly Avian Flu Being Transmitted From Chickens To Humans

The lethal avian flu virus is transferred to people via contact with infected animals. Known as H5N1 by the World Health Organization, this type is exceptionally contagious, particularly among chickens. It affects not just birds but also people, attacking the respiratory system. However, it is sporadic that this type of avian flu is transmitted from sick birds to people. Even though it seems to be impossible, it isn’t. When it does occur, even amongst humans, the consequence is very different from that which might be expected. In humans, the fatality rate from bird flu has always been 60 percent, except if the virus is controlled in time and effectively. Just because of that, the probability of spreading the H5N1 strain of avian flu from chickens to humans is almost eliminated when fowl are raised in accordance with standard poultry procedures.

You Might Become Attached

Chickens are livestock, and their primary job is to provide eggs for your breakfast, so you would assume purchasing them is no big problem. The majority of people see chickens as more than just food animals. Those who didn’t grow up on a farm and are intimately familiar with livestock ownership details will probably treat this livestock more like pets than food sources. Even if you don’t nurture them from small defenseless infants, you will almost certainly develop an attachment to these creatures in nearly the same manner you do to a cat or a dog. It’s not a terrible thing to get connected to your chickens; many people are pretty devoted to all of their chickens, but it may complicate matters and be a drawback of keeping chickens. 

Remember that although chickens are considered pets, they are pretty distinct from the majority of other animals. Outdoor living makes them more susceptible to injury and sickness. It is not uncommon for chickens to be assaulted by predators since they are a prey species. It is possible that you may have a difficult time finding a veterinarian who will treat them, and then you’ll have much more difficulty paying the bills if they get sick.

 Zoning Problems Can Influence Your Chicken Keeping Journey

Vary according to the size and purpose of your poultry, and certain places have a variety of jurisdictions to choose from. Proof of compliance with zoning as well as licensing regulations is required for poultry farms. Everyone who raises chickens must comply with all applicable state, federal, and local requirements in most areas or states. Zoning and any environmental requirements in effect at the time of the license application are part of this regulation. A few recommended practices could also be necessary for you to follow. Not offering sufficient proof of your compliance with all applicable laws and regulations may result in an inspection being terminated. As a result, you will lose your poultry farming operation far more quickly than you established it.

Chickens Always Making Too Much Noise.

While chickens aren’t nearly as noisy as a dog barking, they can make much noise when they’re in full flight! If you want to raise a rooster, you should be aware that they do not simply crow at the crack of dawn. They constantly crow throughout the day. When it comes to them, there’s no pattern or rationale. Even in the absence of a rooster, hens may be a source of the disturbance. Chickens sing a song that humans call the “egg song” whenever they produce an egg. Every flock member will participate in the chant, which will almost probably be enough to disturb your neighborhood.

What Level of Preparedness Do You Have for Chicken-Keeping?

It is necessary to balance the labor, time, and expense demands of poultry farming with the possibility of making huge profits in some manner when considering the pros and cons of poultry farming. Several families feel that just being self-sufficient in certain food products provides a tremendous deal of happiness, to the point where monetary benefits are not even taken into account. When it comes to commercial risk, the farming industry is no different from any other industry to which an owner may be exposed.

After deliberating over all the advantages and disadvantages, my wife and I concluded that the advantages exceeded the disadvantages and chose to become chicken keepers ourselves. Although they may not be for everybody, chickens can be much fun to have around your home, and the eggs they lay are still tasty.

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