How to Make Money From Ranch

Going back to basics like planting your food, raising cattle and goats, and renting out your acreage is gaining popularity. With the increasing prices of food and commodities, people who own vacant land or ranch can now turn them into dollar-earning properties.   Converting a small piece of land can help augment your income. Determine your … Read more

What State Has the Best Soil for Farming?

“Farmers are the founders of human civilizations,” according to Daniel Webster, and I would readily agree with him because most ancient civilizations began in places where soils were fertile and best for farming. Societies, likewise, started when humans stopped wandering and began settling in areas that offered excellent soil for farming.  Farming requires excellent soil … Read more

How to Start a Cattle Ranch

Figuring out how to start a cattle ranch can be overwhelming for someone who has not even experienced raising a single cow. It can even be scary and can make you anxious. Yet, if you’re serious about kickstarting a cattle ranch, you should refrain from overthinking. Instead, it will be best to start putting in … Read more

Great Hobby Farming Ideas for Beginners

So, after several years of shillyshallying about having a small farm, you’ve decided to do a pivot and take up farming as your hobby. Now you need to educate yourself about running a farm and know the responsibilities concomitant with it. Of course, when building a farm, you should shed your overly romanticized notions about … Read more

Different Types of Rural & Farm Fencing

Fencing your stead or agricultural land is vital if you want to safeguard your farm animals and discourage wildlife from entering your property. Keeping your livestock and crops from external danger begins with the right choice of fencing materials. Before erecting the fence, you should know the different types of fences and find out which … Read more

Best Animals for Hobby Farm

There are many compelling reasons why you should start homesteading, and one good reason is the need for self-sufficiency in food. The onslaught of the pandemic, beginning in 2019, had made it evident that a plague of such proportion can disrupt everything, even your freedom to move around and buy food. So, it becomes even … Read more

Do Ducks Need A Heat Lamp?

As a meticulous keeper of ducks, you might ask whether your ducks need heat lamps to survive the cold weather. No, ducks don’t need heat lamps. They can survive cold nights even without a heat lamp. This is because ducks have highly developed feathers that can keep them warm during cold climates. Besides, their webbed … Read more

Best Ducks for Backyard

A well-planned backyard farm can help you achieve a more secure and self-reliant lifestyle. Such a small farm can supply you with the needed meat, fruits, and vegetables for daily consumption. However, building a small farm takes years, effort, and time. But if you have a definite farm plan and follow through with that plan, … Read more

How Many Acres Make a Ranch?

A country ranch in rural area.

There are several parameters regarding the number of acres included in a ranch depending on the region. The kind of production and the typical size of parcels of land in a given area are two variables that influence the scale imperatives of development. Ranches may utilize beef cattle businesses, dairy operational processes, horse ranches, and … Read more