How Big Should a Chicken Run Be?

Small size chicken coop.

There are many things that poultry farmers should know when building a shelter for their chickens. The number of chickens can be one of the factors, but it does not always apply. The size of the chicken coop and chicken run do not fit your flock. It is because some chicken breeds are heavier, and … Read more

How Often To Clean Chicken Coop

Aside from providing fresh water and food to your chickens, cleanliness is crucial to maintaining healthy and productive fowl. Failure to maintain a clean chicken coop can put their health at risk of getting an infection.  For all you know, your chicken dies after another due to bacterial infection caused by dirty bedding and coop … Read more

How High Should a Chicken Fence Be?

Fencing your chicken farm is the best solution to keep your fowl safe. Fencing comes in many styles, forms, and sizes, but have you ever thought about the standard height that your poultry fence needs? The type of fence depends on which part of the world you live in and what potential predators lurk in … Read more

How To Stop Rooster From Pecking Out Hens Feathers

It seems customary for chickens to pull out the feathers of their family members. There are many reasons chickens pluck out the feathers, but it could be unhealthy for hens if roosters keep harassing them. When feather plucking becomes a vicious cycle, the owner should stop this destructive behavior because it could lead to chicken … Read more

Why Is My Chicken Losing Her Feathers?

It is a horrible sight to see your flock losing their plumage. You have done all your best to keep your flock healthy, but there seems to be a problem when the chickens shed feathers. The problem may seem simple at its onset.  However, you got rattled after seeing the drops of blood oozing from … Read more

Best Heater for Chicken Coop

Whether to use a chicken coop heater or not is always an issue for bird breeders. Some may not like using a heater, even in freezing temperatures. Those who do not adhere to heaters know that they could set fire.  Dry shavings, straws, piles of wood, and flammables lie in the chicken coop, which might … Read more

Does Chicken Feed Go Bad?

Right off the bat, your chicken feed can indeed go bad. But, what factors can cause your chicken feed to spoil, and how fast will it happen?  This post goes through the various conditions that may affect your chicken feed in storage and make them go bad. We also share tips on the best ways … Read more

Different Types of Chicken Feeders

All different sizes and styles of chicken feeders.

Many backyard chicken raisers start with good intentions to build a sizeable chicken coop but end up giving away their chickens because they feel raising chickens is quite troublesome. Such a feeling is understandable, considering that raising chickens isn’t easy. Besides, it requires time and effort. It also necessitates monitoring what your chickens eat daily … Read more

What To Feed Chickens By Age?

Farmer feeding chickens and chicks in coop.

If you ever decide to raise chickens in your backyard to become more self-sufficient with your food supply, it will be best to do extensive research on raising chickens. Besides, it will help if you learn the essential factors to consider when raising backyard chickens, like what feeds you should provide them at various stages … Read more