Do Geese Eat Fish?

Geese belong to the same family as swans and ducks do. Geese have become domesticated birds, and some people raised them as food sources. These waterfowl birds have stocky, plump, and large bodies than ducks. That led people to believe that they were capable of eating fish- large fish, to be exact. But do they … Read more

Raising A Duck As A Pet

Ducks are fun to be with because they are talkative and cute. But not all ducks are born equal. Some are unfit as pets as they are less manageable. The Bantam breeds are suitable as pets, but not the other types.  If you get tired of fur babies as pets and you plan to bring … Read more

Are Goose Eggs Good To Eat?

Goose eggs are not as famous as chicken and quail eggs as a breakfast food or cooking ingredient. Perhaps the reason is that only a few farmers raise geese for consumption and livelihood.  Some people who have tasted goose eggs do not like the robust flavor compared to duck and hen eggs. Others may find … Read more

What Can Geese Eat?

Geese belong to a big family-the Anatidae family, where swans and ducks are also members. The geese you see in ponds or freshwaters have different species, but they have many similarities regarding their food choices and eating habits.  These waterfowls eat plant materials from grasslands, ponds, and freshwater. When they eat, they do not have … Read more

How Often Do Geese Lay Eggs?

Twenty-five years ago, my parents bought an old log cabin in Maryland and restored it. The cabin sits high on a forested bluff, where one can see geese and other waterfowl. As a boy, I used to sit on a bench outside the cabin with my father, and I often asked him some childish questions … Read more

Do Geese Eat Worms?

Have you ever seen geese grub or dig out into the soil using their bills? If you did, you might have wondered what they were looking for. Well, geese love to dig out because they want to eat worms and other insects embedded in the soil. Geese, of course, love worms for their snacks. But … Read more

9 Quietest Duck Breeds

While rearing ducks is a lucrative business with several perks, it does have one specific downside — they make a lot of noise. Unfortunately, this can quickly become annoying if your poultry is close to your home. Or you have several pet ducks. You see, ducks can be very noisy, especially the females. They quack … Read more

Domestic Duck Lifespan

Do you know that pet ducks can live up to 20 years if they receive exceptional care? Today, domestic ducks have become quite popular as pets in homes around the world. But unfortunately, these animals often do not receive proper care and may die from accidental neglect or malnutrition. However, it is not just pet … Read more

Best Ducks for Meat

Duck meat popularity has been growing in the United States and is not slowing down. This means that more poultry keepers can capitalize on this expanding market. In other words, you don’t have to stop at the big, creamy eggs that ducks lay. But, what duck breeds should you keep if you want them for … Read more

How Often Do Ducks Lay Eggs?

There’s no one-answer-fits-all when it comes to the subject of duck egg production. However, many duck breeds will produce an egg every 48 hours. Of course, many factors, including the duck breed, affect this number. Nonetheless, most duck breeds typically lay between 200 and 300 eggs yearly. This translates to an average of 22 eggs … Read more