How to Make Organic Feeds for Chicken

Raw materials for making organic chicken feed.

Once you have just kickstarted your small chicken coop, you might become a bit hesitant to embrace the idea of making homemade organic feeds for your chickens. The reason might be that you find the process laborious and time-consuming. Besides, sourcing ingredients from different sources might add up to your preoccupations.  Yet there is no … Read more

Symptoms of Too Much Protein in Chickens

Feeding chickens with high protein feed.

Protein is a macronutrient that chickens need in large amounts because it is essential to their growth, immunity, egg production, and many other biological functions. Failure to get enough protein from feeds will likely lead to serious health risks for your chickens. Hence, you need to provide your chickens with ample protein. But what will … Read more

Best Chicken Feeders for Small Coops

Placing open-feeder in a small coop with very few chickens.

So, you are shopping around for a chicken feeders that suitable for smaller coop, and you want to ensure you are buying a suitable sizes. Well, if it is your first time purchasing a chicken feeder, it will be best to consider several essential factors. First, you need to consider where you will set up … Read more

Where to Put Chicken Feeder?

Placing the hanging feeders inside the chicken coop.

So, you have just built your chicken coop, and now you are thinking about where you should put the chicken feeder and waterer. Should it be inside the coop or outside in the run? Such a question is essential because where you place the feeders and waterers is crucial in running your backyard coop. Of … Read more

Raising Chickens for Eggs in Your Backyard

Raising chickens in the backyard for eggs.

A gratifying experience, raising backyard chickens may also be a wonderful opportunity to educate children or any family member about the environment, farming, and the significance of animal care. Many different chicken breeds exist, some for egg production, others for meat production, and some just because they are attractive. Even though many breeds are adapted … Read more