19 Best Chickens for Eggs

Farmer collecting eggs in chicken coop.

Several chicken breeds have been selected cultivated through time to provide certain traits, similar to how dogs, cats, and some other farm animals have evolved over time. They say this means different chicken breeds are more incredible at specific tasks than the other animals. You can choose a chicken breed to suit your needs; either … Read more

Advantages & Disadvantages of Keeping Chickens

Feeding chicken in the backyard.

Many individuals like rearing chickens as a pleasure. If you intend to raise chickens, there are a few things you should know about. Even though there are several benefits to rearing chickens, there are some drawbacks as well. In order to be successful in this endeavor, you must first have a thorough understanding of the … Read more

Best Chicken Feeder to Prevent Waste

Feeding your treasured flocks sufficiently and adequately is a difficult job. If you would like to avoid any waste or wastage associated with the feeding procedure of your chickens, you must invest in a chicken feeder. The chicken feeder may be placed nearby the coop or anyplace else on the lawn. The automated chicken feeder … Read more

Best Sand for Chicken Coop

Sand floor used in the chicken coop.

Is sand an appropriate bedding material for chicken coops? Sand with a grain size ranging from medium to coarse provides great chicken coop bedding when used in coops that do not have draining issues and do not get damp inside. However, fine-grained recreational sand or beach sand is not suitable for chicken bedding since it … Read more

Best Floor for Chicken Run

Chicken walk on the run floor.

Among the most critical parts of a chicken, raising is selecting the medium on which your poultry will spend most of their time. While there are numerous choices available, the one that will fit effectively for you and your chickens depends on the location of the run. However, flooring is critical. It will be the … Read more

Best Bedding for Chicken Nesting Boxes

Hen laying egg in the chicken nesting box.

Nesting box bedding is an essential part of your chicken coop’s overall layout. The carpeting in the nest box collects humidity, smells, and chicken feces. Further benefits of using bedding in nesting boxes include keeping hens warm and preventing eggs from being damaged. Making sure you have the correct kind is beneficial to the well-being … Read more

How Many Acres Make a Ranch?

A country ranch in rural area.

There are several parameters regarding the number of acres included in a ranch depending on the region. The kind of production and the typical size of parcels of land in a given area are two variables that influence the scale imperatives of development. Ranches may utilize beef cattle businesses, dairy operational processes, horse ranches, and … Read more

Where Do Pineapples Grow?

Grow pineapples in farm.

Pineapple, also known by its scientific name Ananas comosus, is a part of the Bromeliaceae family besides being closely related to the bromeliads, Spanish moss, and tillandsia family. Pineapples are a perennial plant that produces an edible fruit of the same name. Pineapples are natural to tropical and subtropical America, but they have also been … Read more

Where Do Bananas Grow?

Banana planting farm.

Banana is a fruit of the genera Musa from the family Musaceae, among the most significant fruit crop worldwide. The banana produces throughout the tropical. While it is most commonly consumed or eaten in those areas, it is appreciated globally for its taste, nutritional content, and affordability throughout the year. Cavendish, or sweet, bananas most … Read more

Best Wire for Chicken Coop Fencing

Using wire mesh for chicken coop fencing.

Fencing of some type is necessary to surround your coop or poultry area to protect your poultry and intruders out. Protecting your flock from predatory animals is critical whether you are a novice to poultry husbandry or are constructing or purchasing a new coop, poultry farmer, or range. Wire fencing is available in a variety … Read more